Friday, December 22, 2006

What Dan Learned in Florida (So Far)

I'm fully aware that it has been well over two months since I last blogged. The reason behind lack of said bloggage is quite simple: I'm a lazy, lazy man.

So with half-assed pseudoapologies out of the way, it is time to once again discover What Dan Learned in Florida...

So Far.

* Before my sister and I boarded the plane, the woman at the front desk announced the whole criteria for sitting in the exit row, including the ability to "speak English fluently." Unfortunately for the potential non-English-speaking contingent on the plane, said instructions were not given in any other language.

* Parents who can't control their screaming babies on an aircraft need to have their parenting licenses revoked...particularly when said infant is sitting directly across from me.

* Without fail, I am always seated directly next to where the flight attendants set up the drink cart...which means I am always the last person to get a beverage.

* My bilingual highlight so far: seeing someone in a Miami Gamestop ask the question, "Tienes el Wii?"

* I informed my Mom and sister that they are the participants in "Dan's Dr. Frankenstein Project" (note: participation is not voluntary). DDFP is my attempt at taking different qualities from different females we encounter, in the hopes of figuring out what my "ideal woman" is. Well, the Project lasted a grand total of 24 hours before we found someone. So to the mysterious "Woman in Gold Dress," someday...someday.

Until next time...


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